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(Master) Tracking/Reporting Online Booking - Book Now, are client selecting first available or selecting a specific employee

Had an issue where it was saying their registration was expiring. Had them close the software and reopen it and it didn't come back. Then had a question about online booking and if they could differentiate between if an appointment someone requested was and actual request and they wanted to see that person or if they were just going to the next available. Wanted to add a feature request that we add something so that in service selection they can track if they are looking for a specific person or if they are just choosing first available and then a stylist so they can track that. They were all set after that ----------------------------------- From: Gingerly Wax (67311) Created: 2016-02-17T20:03:24Z Support Rep: Jason Schleif
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  • Feb 17 2016
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