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(Master) Daily service limits for Employees (Groomers can only groom x amount of dogs per day)/Slot System

This can be done by using resources.

123Pet desktop software user and the way that they book dogs in is different than how the software works. Basically they have a number of dogs that each groomer can work on per day, some are allowed to work on 7 pets and some can work on 8 or 9. Would like to have a way that instead of showing each dog booked as an appointment to instead have an appointment book that shows slots. So if the groomer is allowed to groom 7 dogs per day, she would get 7 slots. The receptionist would then book dogs based on number of open or available slots left for each groomer. They really don't care about time slots because they might have all the dogs come in at the same time and just as they finish each dog they notify the owner that the dog is ready. ----------------------------------- From: Murphy's Paw (58389) Created: 2016-02-22T16:20:35Z Support Rep: Cory Davis

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  • Feb 22 2016
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