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(Master) Loyalty Point for Only Products or Only Services (WGB)

WGB - Have the ability to have a loyalty point system based on dollars spent, but only for Products, or only Services, or both.


I feel like this is a very doable feature that wouldn't be too hard.  Sounds like it could help a couple customers, but also the 50+ WGB locations.  I figure you could easily have a statement look add up this and do all the work.  Basically have the 2nd option for loyalty points, but then have a selection for products,services, or both.  Default both.


"Also discussed loyalty points, and some way to distinguish between earning points for Products vs Services. Explained the ability to setup specific products/services to earn LP, however this doesnt appear to be a viable work around for the WGB system. Essentially, WGB wants customers to earn LP for every 10 dollars spent on PRODUCTS ONLY. The earn points for specific products doesnt work, because what if a customer only buys 3 dollars worth of products? That customer should not earn ANY points."

  • DaySmart Software
  • Mar 18 2016
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