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(Master) Credit Card Integration with other processors

Service: (Winform, Cloud, RA) Winform Platform: (Website, Android app, iPhone app, etc) Winform Feature Request: Credit card integration with Netbilling Details/Functionality of Requested Feature: Explanation/possible work around given to customer: Told him about OpenEdge, From Customer: "the reason why we like them is because they work with dozens of banks so they get really good rates for the merchants. We have been using them for our e-commerce store forever and just got The merchant account to do our mobile grooming processing so we wanted to check you guys out. I know Booker is already integrated with them but we wanted to use your software as we've heard good things. However, the integrated credit card processing is pretty important to avoid missteps." ----------------------------------- From: Created: 2016-04-13T16:42:59Z Support Rep: George Raymond

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  • Apr 13 2016
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