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(Master) Show Cancelled / No-Show Appointments on the Appointment Book

Patrick left a VM, asked to have someone call him back. I called back and he had a feature request. Service: (Winform) Platform: (Desktop) Feature Request: We he has clients that are no shows or cancellations instead rescheduling the appointment be leaves the appointment open and adds on a service called cancellation. He does this because he has a color code in place for the cancellation service. This runs into an issue where those clients still get an appointment reminder. He would like a way to tell the system for that specific ticket to not send them a reminder. He doesn't want to go into their client info and uncheck the boxes to receive emails and texts. Details/Functionality of Requested Feature: Ability to not send appointment reminders for select tickets. Explanation/possible work around given to customer: I told him he could either reschedule the tickets or delete them or he could go into the clients info and uncheck the options to receive messages. ----------------------------------- From: Perfect Body Image (27153) Created: 2016-04-14T17:31:56Z Support Rep: Cory Davis
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  • Apr 14 2016
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