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(Master) New Client Color Code or Icon Automatically

Needed help upgrading his computers from v9 to v12. 3 computers. Service: (Winform, Cloud, RA) Winform Platform: (Website, Android app, iPhone app, etc) Desktop Software Feature Request: Dedicated color code for new clients Details/Functionality of Requested Feature: Wants a dedicated color code for new clients (like the built-in open ticket, closed ticket, etc.). It is helpful for him to visually identify new clients that are coming in for the day and to be able to prepare for them Explanation/possible work around given to customer: They put a service on the ticket for new clients and made a color code for that service to indicate that they are new. It's just cumbersome because they have to add an additional service to a ticket for the new client and it can be confusing sometimes. ----------------------------------- From: Sam and Bills Hair Design (13057) Created: 2016-04-23T16:51:18Z Support Rep: Kyle Robertson
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  • Apr 23 2016
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