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(Master) Being able to edit a series of Recurring Appointments

Got client connected. I had to disable ipv6 on the server end. Connected right away. *** Feature Request*** Service: (Winform, Cloud, RA) 123Pet Winform Platform: (Website, Android app, iPhone app, etc) Windows Feature Request: Reocurring appointments update. She needs a master list of all reoccurring appointments. From this screen they would be able to edit the appointments on the fly for rescheduling to a new time/date. Also they would like to add or delete for this year and upcoming years. Details/Functionality of Requested Feature: I added pics of what she used to use to help show the details/function of the update she would like. This should help the explanation and function. Explanation/possible work around given to customer: None ***

  • DaySmart Software
  • Apr 26 2016
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