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(Master) More Display Options for RA Appointment Books/Especially for Mobile Groomers (Address, Breed, Phone Number, Dog Name)

Service: (Winform, Cloud, RA) Remote Access Platform: (Website, Android app, iPhone app, etc) iPhone app Feature Request: Customization Appointment Book Display Details/Functionality of Requested Feature: Julia is a mobile groomer. She loves how the software has the ability to hover over the appointments on the appointment book so that she can see more detail. What she does not like is how the mobile app does not have this feature. When a person calls and she needs to book an appointment, she needs the ability to see where other clients on her appointment book live so that she can plan accordingly. She then has to go into separate windows to see the clients address and schedule properly. This takes her a long time especially if her service is bad. She basically wants more appointment book display customizing ability. She wants to be able to choose if she just wants the appointment to show the clients name, their address, the service, and the breed to make it easier on her mobile grooming scheduling. Explanation/possible work around given to customer: I told her a possible work around would be to attach a code or letter to the clients "Name" signifying what city they are in so she at least knows a general idea of where they live when they are on her appointment book and or when she is scheduling. She said she would implement this going forward but the flexible appointment book display would also help in the future. ----------------------------------- From: Muddy Buddies Mobile Groomoing (361108) Created: 2016-04-08T17:05:07Z Support Rep: Jeff Gahman

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  • May 25 2016
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