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(Master) Text Notification Appointment Cancellation Option - "Reply X to cancel your appointment"

Wanted to know if there was a way for client to cancel their appointment through text, similarly to how they can his C to confirm. I told him that they cannot respond to the reminder text to cancel. Service: (Winform) Platform: (desktop) Feature Request: Allow clients to cancel their appointments when they get the confirmation text. Details/Functionality of Requested Feature: Would like to add another option to the text that says to Cancel the appointment respond with X. Explanation/possible work around given to customer: I told him that a lot of m=people include the business phone number in the text reminders so that if their client needs to cancl or has questions they can just respond by calling. ----------------------------------- From: Skin NV LLC (33783) Created: 2016-06-03T15:19:08Z Support Rep: Cory Davis
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  • Jun 3 2016
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