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(Master) Sell and redeem gift cards for Cloud and Remote Access on mobile and web

Hello Support, I received a response to the remote access question, how do we use gift cards within remote access and the response was: Hi Dan, Unfortunately, there is no support for gift cards using Remote Access, but tips can definitely be added. When you click the Close Out button, the tip information is recorded on the left. Thank You, Why wouldn’t we want our client to be able to use the Gift Cards their clients have already purchased? or really have the ability to sell them via Remote Access? I hope this feature will be added soon. I am very grateful to see that you added importing to the Cloud version, even though we make zero on the Cloud I believe it is a great move on your part to offer importing, well done and thank you! Sincerely, Dan ----------------------------------- From: Salon Wax (16424) Created: 2015-05-11T17:18:49Z Support Rep: Jon Hunley
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  • May 11 2015
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