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(Master) Allow more than two tender types on a ticket

RA last stopped on 06/02/2015 at 5:43 PM The RA connection was not enabled in the database. Stopped and disabled the daysmart remote on the other two client computers. The registry key LiveAccessEnabled was set to 0. Changed it to 1. Restarted the Daysmart remote service on the server. Asked how to track a half unit. Told him how to properly track half units. Asked why clients aren't getting the appt scheduled notifications. The option for notifications was unchecked for those clients. Customer has requested we add the following feature: more than two payment types on tickets ----------------------------------- From: Willow Medi Spa (225841) Created: 2015-06-03T16:41:47Z Support Rep: Jonathan Grahl
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  • Jun 3 2015
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