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(Master) Vaccination tracking for pets on Cloud

Hello, I am writing to give feedback, but could not find a place to do so. I have been using the 123pet cloud for over a month now and having used other services before this I wanted to give feedback about what I feel would improve this service. First of all I love the online booking site and also the text and email notifications, they are helping my business and people love it. The cloud site is MUCH slower than my previous service was and also slower than the others I tried out before choosing 123 pet cloud. I chose for the features but sometimes the site is so slow to respond that I have to write appointments down and add them later. The circling dots that go round and round for way longer than they should have to. I found it to be over kill in some areas- in the pet information there is no shot record date entry or alerts which I really would love, but there are things I would have no need for such as a photo of the pets owner. Also a click box instead of drop down would be more efficient for spayed/neutered pets. Thank you for your time, I really like the service and I hope improvements are made to make the speed of the site on par with others. ----------------------------------- From: murdock and roo (206692) Created: 2015-08-13T18:55:29Z Support Rep: Kelly Matthewson

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  • Aug 13 2015
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